Generation #Hashtag Ascendant Media consumers who prefer native digital content now make up nearly half the audience for entertainment in developed markets and more than a third of the audience for publishing and online services. In developing markets, those percentages are slightly lower, but trending in the same direction. These consumers who, regardless of age, favor content and services that have been designed and distributed exclusively through digital (and especially mobile) channels, are transforming not only entertainment but also publishing and services. Perhaps most important for media companies, a younger cohort among these consumers says that it is increasingly willing to pay for content.

These are among the findings of Bain’s annual survey of media use across global markets. Bain’s 2014 report focused on the rise of these consumers who prefer native digital (as opposed to digitized) content; we call them Generation #hashtag. Our 2015 study found that Generation #hashtag has grown to nearly half. For media companies, long-term success depends on understanding these consumers and their media preferences, and a clear understanding of monetization trends can help them form their strategic plans.

Mastering the new monetization model requires a sharp focus on five imperatives

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