24 07, 2017

Laura Beaudin: Social Posts Meet Net Promoter Feedback

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Social media and the Net Promoter System® feedback can each help companies understand their customers' experiences and identify influencers. But together, these two platforms offer even more powerful insights. Laura Beaudin, a partner with Bain's Customer Strategy & Marketing practice, discusses how companies can integrate their social media and NPS® to boost customer advocacy. Read the Bain Brief: Mash-up Wanted—Social Posts Meet Net Promoter Feedback

4 11, 2016

Beyond Tweets: Digital Lessons From Presidential Campaigns

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This blog post originally appeared on Forbes.com. By Caleb Gardner In mid-October, not long after Donald Trump drew attention for his 3 a.m. tweets, I received an email from Hillary Clinton’s campaign inviting me to help canvass voters in Iowa, a short drive from my home in Chicago. The message noted that “1,500 of Hillary’s best supporters” had headed to neighboring states the weekend before, and now they wanted me to do the same. While that email may not have earned as much notice in the media as those early-morning tweets, it was arguably more strategic. The real innovations in digital communication in political campaigns are happening behind the scenes and on the ground. As the former digital director of Organizing for Action (OFA), the [...]

4 01, 2016

Social Media Works for B2B Sales, Too

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This piece originally appeared on HBR.org. The chief marketing officer at a major technology provider recently voiced concerns that I’ve heard from several other CMOs: “Our customers have gotten way ahead of our sales efforts. Too often, we’re not even getting invited to the dance.” This tech company’s website, like many others, overflows with information about product features but offers few perspectives about how the products truly solve customers’ problems. It’s a common issue in B2B markets. The wealth of information available online for prospective customers has effectively uncoupled buying cycles from selling cycles. This is a terrifying development for B2B firms, and especially for their sales and marketing teams. Bain & Company recently surveyed 370 sales and marketing executives of large technology or industrial companies. [...]

30 12, 2015

How Even the Stodgiest B2B companies Can Benefit from Social Media

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Have you seen Maersk’s Instagram feed? It’s straight out of National Geographic. You’ll see photos of colossal ice sheets on shipping containers, immense cargo ships traveling through ice as far as the eye can see and a day in the life of someone working on these massive vessels. Why would a company like Maersk, a B2B cargo shipping company that’s hardly a household name, bother with Instagram, the photo-centric social network that’s better known for fashion, food and travel (and the Kardashians)? Maersk is part of a small but growing number of B2B companies that are forgoing old-school marketing in favor of the digital-first approaches that consumer companies have long embraced. By creating content on mainstream networks, Maersk is positioning itself where its customers are [...]