18 09, 2016

Black Boxes Could Yield Gold in Connected Insurance

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Gritty, intoxicating Naples—renowned for pizza margherita, football magician Diego Maradona and … connected insurance? Indeed, Napoli has become a proving ground for one of the most promising technology-related opportunities in insurance: the use of sensors for collecting, transmitting and analyzing data on the status of an insured risk. Connected insurance is starting to pay off for carriers, and they have made the greatest progress in Italy. Consider the following estimates by Bain & Company’s Observatory on Telematics, Connected Insurance & Innovation, a collaboration with the Italian National Association of Insurance Companies (ANIA). About 16% of auto insurance contracts sold and renewed in Italy by the fourth quarter of 2015 featured in-vehicle telematics, with growth outpacing even online insurance sales. Drivers have outfitted their Fiats and [...]

13 09, 2016

Two-Speed IT: Why It Ultimately Fails

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Imagine two trains running on separate tracks: a high-speed passenger rail capable of going 200 miles per hour and a 100-car freight train that rumbles along slowly but surely. Seems smart enough: The travelers can get to where they’re going quickly and efficiently while the heavy freight can take its time plodding along. But now imagine that the high-speed passengers need to access the cargo on the sluggish freight train—and often. Now the passengers are stuck at the next station, wasting time as they wait around for the freight cars to arrive. While the trains operate on completely different timetables and tracks, they’re still inextricably linked, and the engineer is left frantically juggling two very different systems that nonetheless depend on each other. Sounds insane, [...]

24 08, 2016

How Providers Can Succeed in the Internet of Things

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Customer enthusiasm for the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing across sectors, fueling more than $75 billion in M&A investments by major vendors and $30 billion from venture capital firms. We expect that by 2020, annual revenues could exceed $450 billion for the IoT vendors selling the hardware, software and comprehensive solutions that will make up the Internet of Things. Bain surveyed more than 170 executives at IoT and analytics solutions vendors and over 500 executives looking to deploy these solutions. We found that customers are optimistic about both the cost reduction and new revenue opportunities provided by the Internet of Things. But it is still early days: About 90% of respondents remain in the planning and proof-of-concept stage, and only about 20% expect to [...]

15 07, 2016

Steve Berez: Putting Data Into the Right Hands

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It's common for businesses to spend tens—or even hundreds—of millions of dollars on advanced analytics technology programs. But many companies lack a clear understanding of the business value those analytics can generate. Steve Berez, leader of the Information Technology practice in the Americas, discusses how a more collaborative approach to analytics can help derive real, meaningful business insights. Read the Bain Brief: Building IT Capabilities to Deliver Better Insights

15 07, 2016

Arpan Sheth: What Separates Digital Leaders from the Rest?

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How do you make your IT more nimble for a digital world? Arpan Sheth, a partner with Bain's IT practice, discusses how digital leaders take a joint business and IT approach to developing a vision and a roadmap for creating digital customer experiences. Read the Bain Brief: Rebooting IT: What Separates Digital Leaders from the Rest

15 07, 2016

Vishy Padmanabhan: Transforming the IT Function to Win in Digital

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New digital technologies have created massive opportunities for businesses in all industries. Vishy Padmanabhan, a partner in Bain's Information Technology practice, looks at how established companies can work within their constraints to revamp their IT functions. Read the Bain Brief: Rebooting IT: What Separates Digital Leaders from the Rest

15 07, 2016

Will Poindexter: Which Type of IT Do You Have?

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IT at most organizations falls into one of three categories, based on past investing and spending on technology. Will Poindexter, a partner in Bain's Information Technology practice, looks at how to identify your company's IT archetype, and what to do next. Read the Bain Brief: Neglected, indebted or gold-plated: Which type of IT do you have?

8 06, 2016

Fast and Faster: Why a Two-Speed IT Model Is Off Track

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Technology organizations need to become more nimble and move faster to keep up with business change. Customer expectations are growing, cycle times are shorter, and innovative products and services have become more important than ever. So how can technology executives become more responsive to these demands? Some organizations are trying a two-speed approach, with part of the organization becoming more nimble and responsive for customer-facing initiatives while the rest manages legacy systems at the old pace. It’s a temptingly simple way to solve the issue, with just one real flaw: It doesn’t work. Read the full brief on Bain.com

13 04, 2016

Cue the $100 Box of Cereal? Getting the Best Out of Pricing Software Tools

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Grocers, mass merchants, fast-food restaurant chains and other retailers that sell to consumers are increasingly implementing third-party pricing software. Vendors such as Clear Demand, DemandTec (an IBM company) and Revionics provide tools that can be highly effective, particularly in high-SKU and high-volume operations. Companies use these software programs to establish price points that fit their strategy, maintain pricing accuracy as the competitive landscape and vendors change, and make their pricing processes more efficient and effective. Companies can also use pricing tools to assess consumer elasticity and thereby optimize prices. The benefits that accrue range from 1% to 3% of gross margin dollar improvement. Yet the extent of the benefits depends on how carefully companies select, adopt and use the tools. Many different outcomes are possible, [...]

14 03, 2016

Can You Deliver? Three Challenges Facing CIOs

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Anyone who travels for work knows the pains of life on the road—the junk food, the hours wasted in airports, time away from family. Sometimes all you want is a good meal at the end of a long flight. At moments like that, I can’t help but think about angel investor Peter Shankman. Back in 2011, he jokingly tweeted about how much he would love for Morton’s to deliver a steak to him at Newark Liberty International Airport as he returned from a business trip. Staff from the steak house saw the tweet, discovered that Shankman was a regular customer, pulled the data on his past orders, and sent a tuxedoed delivery person to meet him at the airport and serve him his usual meal. [...]