15 07, 2016

John Senior: Boosting Your Digital Marketing Effectiveness

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Experimental design is more powerful than A/B testing because it allows you to test multiple variables and launch multiple campaigns at once. John Senior, partner in Bain’s Asia-Pacific Customer Strategy and Marketing practice, talks about the key questions to ask when you're looking to improve your digital marketing performance. Read the Bain Brief: Go Big and Get Smart: Boosting Your Digital Marketing Effectiveness

15 07, 2016

Danny Hong: How Television Can Compete with Digital Media

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As digital video gains ground in advertising, leading television networks are taking steps to strengthen their competitive position. In this short video, Danny Hong, a partner with Bain & Company's Media practice, outlines four steps that can help networks harness $10 billion to $20 billion in operating profits. Read the Bain Brief: Will the Ad Revolution Be Televised?

15 07, 2016

Charlie Kim: Will the Ad Revolution Be Televised?

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Digital video has become the first choice of many consumers and marketers, a troubling trend for television advertisers. Television networks, however, have a critical opportunity to adapt to market shifts, adjust their value propositions and cater to marketers' data needs, says Bain Partner Charlie Kim, who leads Bain & Company's Media practice in the Americas, in this short video.

8 07, 2016

Using Digital Exhaust to Improve Sales

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Customer relationship management software revolutionized how companies manage their sales pipelines. It also allowed organizations to communicate and coordinate more effectively across large sales account teams. Now a new breed of software applications is reshaping sales force management. Their common characteristic: Using digital data exhaust, which is the data generated from the regular activities of a sales force or their customers, to change the behavior of frontline sales representatives in ways that dramatically improve sales productivity and effectiveness. I will highlight three tools that hold particular promise, though many others are proving valuable as well. Read the full article on HBR.org

8 06, 2016

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Personalized Marketing and Sales

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 You’re in a new city. It’s 2 PM and you need a snack before your 2:30 appointment. Marketers at Starbucks know where you are, what you like to drink and eat, and that its coffeehouse around the corner has just one person in line. That soft ding is a tailored text message with a Starbucks coupon, giving you a nudge to stop in. To achieve this highly personalized communication, Starbucks collects data on its customers’ demographics, their payments and transactions, their beverage preferences and more. Using geolocation technology, its mobile application targets users with personalized messages. Loyalty program members might get time-limited coupons, which help Starbucks raise store utilization during nonpeak periods. More than one-fifth of the chain’s in-store purchases in the US now [...]

27 04, 2016

Defining the Battlegrounds of the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things—a huge network of sensors and smart devices, combined with advanced analytics and cloud services to make sense of all the data—promises to augment and disrupt products and services across industries. Expectations grow more spectacular every day: Forecasters predict up to 20 billion Internet of Things devices within a few years, generating 5 trilli>on gigabytes of data every year and creating more than $300 billion in opportunities for tech vendors, telcos and device makers by 2020. Feeling overwhelmed yet? You’re not alone. Executives across industries know they need to understand where the Internet of Things will affect their industry, where value comes from in their industry, where their companies can enter and play, and what capabilities they need to win. But many tell [...]

13 04, 2016

Infographic: Secrets of Marketing Leaders

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INSPIRED BY: The Math, the Magic and the Customer

24 02, 2016

Infographic: The Rise of the Branded Internet in China

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INSPIRED BY: China’s E-Commerce: The New Branding Game

2 02, 2016

Six Trends to Watch in China’s E-Commerce Boom in Consumer Goods

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Every day, an estimated 150,000 new Chinese shoppers tap into the world of online shopping. Think about that statistic for a second. It’s the equivalent to everyone living on the island of Maui (where I am from). Even though the Chinese economy has had some rocky times lately, its thriving e-commerce still offers vast opportunities for companies around the world. My Bain colleagues recently partnered with AliResearch, Alibaba Group’s research arm, in an effort to understand how consumer goods companies can adapt to this rapid expansion in the world’s largest digital marketplace. The research is specific to consumer goods, but I think there are lessons for all industries. Their research zeroes in on six main trends that will likely intensify in the next few years: [...]

2 02, 2016

Infographic: Generation #Hashtag Ascendant

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INSPIRED BY: Generation #Hashtag Ascendant: Think Native Digital First