3 05, 2018

It’s About Time: Why Your Marketing May Be Falling Short

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Time is running out on personalized marketing as a means of continually raising the return on investment of campaigns. For the past few years, many marketers have used advanced data analytics to identify the right customers and increase their ROI, but now these practices, while still valuable, are reaching a plateau. The rise of so many digital channels and options for customers heightens the importance of another, underappreciated variable: message timing, as detailed in new research by Bain & Company in partnership with Google. To strengthen customer relationships, marketers need to know not only which current or prospective customers to reach, but also in which moments. By communicating at the most opportune times based on people’s behavior and signals, companies can generate more business with [...]

9 08, 2017

Customer Lifetime Value: A Better Compass to Guide Your Marketing Automation

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With marketing technologies growing ever more powerful, many companies are deploying the latest tools to personalize marketing or make ad spending more efficient. There’s no question that new digital technologies allow marketers to approach customers with surgical precision, unlike the blunter instruments of just five years ago. But the rush to invest in new technologies designed to boost the return on investment (ROI) of a single purchase or channel often misses the foundational goal of knowing who your target customers are, what they’re worth to the firm and how they behave. If a customer has a high potential lifetime value, it’s worth pulling out the spending stops to persuade him or her to make a first purchase with the brand, which, of course, would likely [...]

12 07, 2017

Laura Beaudin: Don’t Miss the Moment on Mobile Marketing

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In a society where people report using their smartphones more than 200 times in the course of a day, mobile marketing is a vital tool for reaching consumers. Laura Beaudin, a partner with Bain's Customer Strategy practice, shares three ways marketers can effectively target consumers—and increase traffic—through mobile campaigns. Read the Bain Brief: Mobile Marketing—Don't Miss the Moment

24 05, 2017

Fixing the Disconnect in Mobile Marketing

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By Laura Beaudin and John Grudnowski Given the ubiquity of smartphones, you’d expect companies to be falling all over themselves to reach their customers on these devices. But they’re not. As a result, many marketers are at risk of missing their mobile moment. People are increasingly attached to their phones. According to a Bain & Company survey, people interact with their devices an average of 200 times per day. They use their phones for communication, information, entertainment and socializing. And, more and more, they’re consulting their phones whenever they’re in the market to buy a product or service. Yet, while people consume 25% of their media on their phones, companies overall spend just 13% of their marketing budgets on mobile advertising. And much of that [...]

9 05, 2017

Infographic: Supercharge Your Social Listening

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INSPIRED BY: Mash-up Wanted: Social Posts Meet Net Promoter Feedback

2 03, 2017

Infographic: Don’t Miss the Moment on Mobile Marketing

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INSPIRED BY: Mobile Marketing: Don't Miss the Moment

28 02, 2017

How Net Promoter Feedback Can Supercharge Social Listening

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By Laura Beaudin and Joshua Rossman Social media and customer loyalty programs such as the Net Promoter System have advanced along largely separate paths of development. But what would their union produce? We think it could unlock significant growth in customer advocacy and lifetime value. The rewards reaped by businesses that use the Net Promoter System have been well documented. Net Promoter companies commit to processes that help everyone focus on earning the passionate loyalty of both customers and employees. They regularly get feedback from customers about a recent experience or interaction. Based on a simple question or two—namely, “would you recommend X company to a friend or family member, and why?”—they classify customers as promoters, passives or detractors. They loop the resulting feedback to [...]

15 12, 2016

Mobile Marketing: Don’t Miss the Moment

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Marketers have long wanted to get inside the heads of their customers. Getting onto the smartphones they hold in their hands may be the next best thing. According to a Bain & Company survey, people interact with their phones an average of 13 times per hour. That means during the 16 hours or so people are awake, they’re doing something with their phones more than 200 times per day. People use their devices for communication, information, entertainment, socializing—and, more and more, they are consulting their phones whenever they’re in the market to buy a product or service. Many consumers, particularly millennials, now use their smartphones for most—and sometimes all—the steps involved in making a purchase. They research and compare products, check reviews, hunt for bargains [...]

15 12, 2016

Keri Larkin: Test and Learn in Digital Marketing

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While A/B testing is a staple in marketing, experimental design is a powerful way to solve complex digital marketing issues. By testing hundreds of variables at once, marketers can focus their digital engagement strategies more effectively. Keri Larkin, a partner with Bain's Customer Strategy & Marketing practice, discusses how digital marketers can use experimental design to better understand customers and to boost both impact and return on investment.

1 12, 2016

Holiday Halftime and the Digital Innovation Show

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After a weekend of feasting and shopping, we’re midway through the holiday season. First reports about Thanksgiving weekend’s retail sales tallies suggest three groups of winners: innovative retailers; e-commerce channels, especially mobile; and customers, who enjoyed hefty promotions. A number of engaging innovations improved buyers’ shopping experiences ... and retailers’ profits. In this issue, we recap the weekend’s sales results and share observations about digital shopping experiences and the innovations that support them. Read the brief on Bain.com