5 04, 2018

Insurers Hold the Key to Healthcare’s Digital Future

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Imagine this scenario: It’s 7:30 AM, and time to leave for work. You normally drop your three-year-old daughter off at day care on your way to the train station. However, this morning she has developed two red, itchy blotches on her face. Is she sick, you wonder? Is it serious? Is she contagious? Looks like you’ll have to keep her out of day care and take her to the pediatrician, and who knows when you’ll be able to get an appointment. Or maybe you’ll just need to go to the doctor’s office and wait to be squeezed in. Either way, you or your spouse will have to miss a partial or full day of work. But what if things could be done differently, more efficiently, [...]

16 12, 2015

Getting the Dose Right: A Digital Prescription for the Pharma Industry

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After a decade of sitting on the sidelines, the healthcare industry is now rapidly adopting digital technologies. In two years, 93% of US doctors will be using electronic medical records—up from 30% two years ago—and 97% will have electronic access to treatment protocols, more than double the rate in 2011, according to Bain research (see Figure 1). For pharma companies, which are also late to the game, this is a call to action. It‘s not only pharma customers that are changing. Digital tools and data are poised to transform the pharma industry. They enable a faster, cheaper and more effective approach to drug research and development, as well as production and commercialization. Real-world data has already begun to disrupt the traditional approach to medical reimbursement [...]