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Elizabeth Spaulding is a partner in Bain & Company's San Francisco office. She leads Bain's Global Digital practice, connecting clients in the digital ecosystem and leading digital transformations. She works with organizations to establish digital leadership positions amid disruption.
15 07, 2016

Elizabeth Spaulding: The Anatomy of a Digital Forerunner

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As every sector is reshaped by the shifting digital landscape, traditional companies must use technology to become more competitive. Yet few know where to start. Elizabeth Spaulding, a partner in the Digital practice, talks about the five key characteristics of companies that set the pace in digital transformations. Read the Bain Brief: Anatomy of a Digital Forerunner

29 03, 2016

How Digital Technology Is Remaking the Bank Branch

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If you’ve been to Singapore recently, you’ve probably seen a store called Frank and wondered, “What is Frank?” When you walk in, it feels like your typical high-end retail store. Warholian pop art and Lichtenstein-esque comic strip-style illustrations (complete with speech bubbles) cover entire walls. Pendant lights and an exposed ceiling lend the space a modern, polished industrial aesthetic. And you definitely won’t find anyone wearing a suit and tie. If this was the ’90s, you might think that Frank was a good place to buy a CD or a poster of your favorite band or performer. But Frank isn’t a music store or a high-end boutique or really anything its appearance might lead you to expect. It’s a bank branch. And you’ll soon notice [...]

17 03, 2016

Finding the Next Breakthrough: Our Partnership with Crunchbase

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In this digitally disrupted world, it’s not enough to keep up with the latest technologies. Leading companies are the ones that identify promising innovations early, whether they come from inside their own walls or from a little-known start-up. That’s why we’re partnering with CrunchBase in a new initiative that aims to highlight new opportunities in digital technology. TechCrunch readers are probably familiar with CrunchBase’s vast database of start-up funding information. We plan to mine it for new insights and technology trends to help companies find emerging opportunities that could bring value to their businesses. Many companies are overwhelmed or simply a step behind in recognizing the digital transformations taking place in their industries. Often companies lack the data required to focus their innovation efforts and [...]

30 12, 2015

How Even the Stodgiest B2B companies Can Benefit from Social Media

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Have you seen Maersk’s Instagram feed? It’s straight out of National Geographic. You’ll see photos of colossal ice sheets on shipping containers, immense cargo ships traveling through ice as far as the eye can see and a day in the life of someone working on these massive vessels. Why would a company like Maersk, a B2B cargo shipping company that’s hardly a household name, bother with Instagram, the photo-centric social network that’s better known for fashion, food and travel (and the Kardashians)? Maersk is part of a small but growing number of B2B companies that are forgoing old-school marketing in favor of the digital-first approaches that consumer companies have long embraced. By creating content on mainstream networks, Maersk is positioning itself where its customers are [...]

18 12, 2015

Where Do You Fall on the Digital Matrix?

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In every industry these days—even the most traditional ones—a handful of established companies stand out as the acknowledged digital leaders. Everybody knows who they are. It is often quite clear how they've used technology to establish or solidify leadership in various aspects of their business. But duplicating their success is another matter. Given the multitude of investment options out there, many business leaders aren't even sure where to begin. In an article we published this week called "Anatomy of a digital forerunner," my Bain colleagues Sarah Dey Burton, Greg Caimi and I take a hard look at the five key characteristics these leaders have in common. Our view is that nothing they do is especially mysterious; what sets them apart is their methodical approach to [...]

7 12, 2015

When Your Data Isn’t Working for You

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We’re all suffering from a little data overload these days. Most data collection services on the market offer analytics tools that promise to uncover new patterns in customer behavior, with all the spreadsheets a nerd could hope for. Finally, you can see what your customers are doing right now—and in numbers. But how often do people actually do that? More often than not, that data just amounts to more Excel spreadsheets or daily reports that clutter up your inbox. Companies are getting data from so many sources that it’s impossible to pull it all together in any coherent way. The most data-savvy companies have started to bring their data streams together into a single, overall view of each customer. My colleagues Laura Beaudin and Mark [...]

7 12, 2015

How Burberry Won Over Millennials

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Who are millennials and what do they want? The answer depends on whom you ask. Some companies consider millennials entitled, self-absorbed hipsters who flit from one app to another, satisfying their immediate needs with a tap and swipe. Others consider them the gateway to new ways of thinking, living and buying. Wooing millennials has been particularly vexing in fashion, where high-end retailers are trying (and often failing) to court a generation that came of age during financially turbulent times. Millennials hold on to their money, favoring cheaper “fast fashion” labels such as H&M and Zara. But one luxury company has proven that millennials will part with hundreds (even thousands) of dollars if the customer experience is right: Burberry. The British fashion house, famous for its iconic plaid, [...]

7 12, 2015

Why Physical Stores Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

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Anyone who was a teenager in the ’80s or ’90s has fond memories of hanging out at the local mall. Sure, we were there to check out the clothes, but we were also there to see our friends. It was a community. By and large, the essence of that experience remains lacking in online shopping, with all of its speed and efficiency. Anyone can order a chartreuse cashmere sweater online, but there’s nothing like trying it on at the store to see if it complements your favorite jacket. And even better if you can get a friend’s input on the fit and color. The savviest digital natives know this. Warby Parker disrupted the eyeglass business by selling affordable, hip eyewear online. Even though its home [...]

7 12, 2015

Three of Big Data’s Biggest Misconceptions

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So many companies are looking toward Big Data to solve all their problems. They think that if they could plug into one of the hundreds of advanced analytics tools out there, they’ll find clear answers about why they’re not growing as fast as they could. But it’s not that simple. The tools and data crunchers are only small parts of a successful advanced analytics strategy. There’s much more involved in using Big Data to steer a company. The ones that do it best identify the right analysis opportunities, design the right processes and hire the right talent. These Big Data overachievers eventually make advanced analytics part of their DNA, and they become the leaders of their industries. That’s why so many companies want to jump [...]

16 10, 2015

Elizabeth Spaulding: Digital Macro Trends

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The rise of digital technology has changed how companies operate across all industries. In this short video, Elizabeth Spaulding, who leads the Digital practice at Bain & Company, discusses four macro trends that will expand digital's influence.